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Natural Bamboo Soap Tray

Natural Bamboo Soap Tray

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Our Bamboo Soap Dish is An Eco - Friendly Home Staple !

This 100% Organic Bamboo Soap Dish will look great next to all your sinks ! This is perfect companion for your soap, shampoo and conditioner bars. The simple design keeps the soap from slipping off the dish, while the slanted bottom keeps your soap dry by helping any water drain away which helps your products last longer .

Natural soap doesn't have to be here today and gone tomorrow. This is a trick that can make your soap last twice as long !

We recommend these soap trays to all of our customers who use natural soap. Instead of worrying about drying your soap between uses you can just use this instead. :)

Choosing a product that is plastic-free, reusable, or biodegradable over a disposable alternative is an easy way to contribute to lessening the production of plastic !

If you feel as though your bamboo product has reached the end of its lifetime, no worries, it is completely compostable!

- Vegan

- Biodegradable

- Zero Waste

- Plastic Free

- Eco Conscious

Soap Tray Dimensions:
4.5 in x 3.1 in

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