Welcome to WildFlower Apothecary Co, your number one source for all things botanical, magical and self care! Wildflower Apothecary Co is a women of color owned artisan small business based in Sunny San Diego, California 🌞 

We're dedicated to giving you the very best to enhance your self care routines, with a focus on chemical free, botanically based, organic products that heal the mind, body, and soul from within.

Our line is made in small batches with pure plant based ingredients which means we only use Organic Oils, Botanical Infusions, Clays as well as other plant materials that enhance and heal the skin !

 We are 100% Chemical Free, Fragrance Free, Palm Free, Additive Free, SLS and Paraben Free.

Coconut Milk Hibiscus Rose Vegan Natural Soap Bar

For us creating a botanically based line to share with all of you did not stop at our products. Our Earth is what provides us such amazing properties to make all of this possible which is why we are happily 100% cruelty free and ensure tocurate every items packaging to reflect our values of zero to low environmental impact. Everything is either Reusable , Plantable or Recyclable! 

Heal from within?

We strongly believe that we can get everything we need to live and be healthy from nature. But overall health is not only skin deep. Everyones life journey has a different path and we were lucky enough to be brought to one that has taught us the importance of treating Mother Nature with love + respect. Being surrounded by plants, crystals, and all kinds of unique healing modalities daily has led us to where we are today, finding inspiration in the beauty and magic of nature so that we can to share it with you !