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Lavender Room + Linen Spray

Lavender Room + Linen Spray

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All of Our Room + Linen Sprays are Handmade in small batches and come in our 4 oz signature Amber Glass Spray Bottles with a natural blend of Organic Essential Oils which makes it safe as a body ,room and linen spray !

Place this beautiful glass spray bottle anywhere in the house or on the go
Its great for :
- Bathrooms
- Bedrooms or Laundry Rooms for an instant freshening of linens
- Living rooms
- Cars
- Purse / Murse / Backpacks
- Self Love !! We love using these as a body mist for a mid day or morning pick me up


Our Lavender Room + Linen Mist is the perfect calming scent for that much needed relaxation . Its Wednesday and you cant believe you still have two more days before you have a moment to yourself -- but don't worry one spritz and your seconds away from your mid week retreat . Stress Relief Hack : A couple of sprays on your pillow before bed and you will drift off into a blissful nights sleep.

Ingredients : Lavender Infused Distilled Water , Lavender Extract , Lavender Oil

How to use: SHAKE WELL ! Then generously spray throughout the air , onto linens or pillows to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of the essential oils.
*Always test first before spraying onto fabrics

Refresh Daily

Indulge in daily rejuvenation with our Refresh Daily Room + Linen Spray. Handcrafted in small batches, our signature 4 oz Amber Glass Spray Bottle is filled with a natural blend of Organic Essential Oils, ensuring safety for use as a body, room, and linen spray.


Our Room + Linen line is what we like to call chemical-free, organic goodness that's like a warm hug for your space and your senses. . Perfect for your low-tox or no-tox lifestyle, they offer peace of mind and a touch of natural rejuvenation.

The Wildflower Apothecary Difference

Our Room + Linen sprays are always made in small batches, ensuring quality and attention to detail every time. Each batch is crafted with our infusion of good intention, bringing chemical-free, essential oil-based goodness and plant magic to your journey.

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